Stop using RxJS the wrong way!

This course teaches you how to actually use RxJS in big Angular enterprise solutions.

This RxJS course is the last resource you will ever need to become a reactive expert in Angular and is filled with specific recipes.

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Manfred Steyer

Google Developer Expert

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Simplified Courses is the first address in Europe for reactive programming with Angular.


Stop struggling with RxJS


Angular has one big dependency that lives outside the Angular repository. RxJS, a standalone library that implements observables and is used throughout the entire Angular framework. People who struggle with it can cause:

  • Memory leaks
  • Unreadable code
  • Performance issues
  • Brittle code with a result of bugs in the long term
I want to become a Reactive Ninja

What you will learn

  • RxJS basics and core principles
  • Angular Reactive APIs and how to use them
  • How to think Reactive with the SIP principle
  • Reactive Viewmodels
  • Orchestrators
  • Custom operators
  • Reactive Outputs
  • State management
  • Specific recipes
Yes, I want to be an RxJS Jedi!

Stop struggling with

  • The inner workings of RxJS
  • The code of your colleagues
  • Operator mastodonts
  • Subscription management
  • Architecture
  • Thinking Reactive

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