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Hi, I'm Brecht Billiet!



I have been coding for over 20 years and have more than 10 years of experience in giving training and coaching companies in technologies like Angular, RxJS and software architecture. I have traveled the world helping companies on-site, giving trainings in Angular and kickstarting projects for them.

I started giving training in Angular when it was still in Beta phase, having to reverse engineer the code to get to know the framework. I have worked on over 150 Angular projects and I have helped dozens of companies by teaching them how to code. I'm using that experience and translating it into simplified trainings.


Brecht Billiet - Simplified Founder Angular trainings



What makes simplified courses so different? My goal is not to learn you basic development or to teach you an entire framework, you have docs for that. My goal is to teach you how we use these technologies and tackle complexities that are hard to find in documentation. I want to gather all my experience that I gathered in real projects and inject that into your brain!  I'm is in the field on a daily basis, working on real projects with real problems. 

Unfortunately, you can't learn experience in a day, you need time for that. What I strive for at simplified, is to teach you the experience that I have gathered over the years.

I value your time, and I know your time is important! That's why my courses are to the point and will leave out unnecessary details. 

What simplified excels in is, It can make complex things very simple. I can teach you about Angular Change Detection and make you understand without you hurting your brain.

If you like to know more, I am happy to set up an e-meeting or answer your messages.



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