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E-course: Advanced Template-driven Forms in Angular


This course teaches you how to create complex Angular forms without writing any boilerplate. We struggled with being productive until we created this solution!



 60% discount

Stop losing time over Angular Change Detection

I had to reverse-engineer the Angular code-base to understand how Angular really ticks and wrote a book about it! Let's reverse-engineer the Angular source code together


E-course: Build huge Angular applications


This course teaches you how to create huge Angular codebases and still make them maintainable, even if it contains hundreds and hundreds of projects.





Free stuff

Angular Dependency Injection Quiz

Do you know how Angular Dependency Injection really works? Get your free certificate now if your score is above 70%

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Angular Change Detection Quiz!

We have created an Angular Change Detection Quiz for you! The average score on this free Angular Change Detection Quiz is below 50%. This means the average Angular developer doesn't grasp the Change detection concept completely.

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Angular Change Detection Cheat Sheet!

We have created a free Angular Change Detection Cheat Sheet just for you. Something that you can use on a daily basis when you are trying to reason along with the framework

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RxJS in Angular Quiz

I created 12 questions that you can use as an Angular Developer that is using RxJS if you want to test your knowledge. Are you brave enough to do this?

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Simplified Blog Articles

We try to deliver weekly deep-dive technical articles that will help you with Best Practices and grasping complex subjects

Simplified Blog

Free Podcast

Learn about Brecht Billiet his career, about all the things he struggled with and how he became an international conference speaker helping companies all over the world by sharing his Angular expertise.

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