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Come learn with me 11th of May 2023 on my remote Angular Proven Enterprise Solutions Workshop!

I promise it will be worth it!

Angular Proven Enterprise Solutions Workshop

Stop losing time over Angular Change Detection

This book will learn you how Angular ticks, and contains tons of information that can't be found on the web. I had to reverse-engineer the Angular code-base to understand how Angular really ticks and wrote a book about it! Let's reverse-engineer the Angular source code together.

Angular Change Detection book

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Want to become an Angular Expert?

You will not learn the basics of Angular here, nor will you learn every single api. You will learn how to use Angular. We will simplify complexities and focus on best practices. All you need is some basic understanding of Angular.

Grasp complex subjects

Grasp complex subjects

In no-time you will understand complex Angular and RxJS principles that will help you every day!

We value your time

We value your time

You can become an Angular expert in no time. Small and to the point. Focus on what's important.

Angular Best Practices

Best Practices

Gain experience without spending the time and effort. You will learn how to use code like us!

New training

On-site: Angular Best Practices Course

7 years of Angular experience into one training. Brecht Billiet has worked on close to 100 projects in Angular and has helped companies all over the world. Learn from him and become an Angular Jedi in no-time.

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Angular Best Practices Training
Advanced RxJS in Angular

New Training

On-site: Advanced RxJS in Angular

Angular embraces RxJS and in this course, you will learn how to code reactive.

You will learn about the do's and don'ts on reactive programming and how RxJS ticks.

This training is a must-have for every developer that is using RxJS in Angular

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RxJS Patterns in Angular Enterprise Solutions Online course

Want to become a reactive Angular jedi?

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