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Hi! I'm Brecht! 

Nice to meet you! 👋 I have worked on over 150 Angular projects for BIG clients and I might be able to help you! Oh, I also teach Angular since it was still in beta phase 🤓!

Become Extremely productive at Angular!


How can I help you?

Online course: Build/Scale huge Angular architectures

This course teaches you how to create huge Angular codebases and still make them maintainable, even if it contains hundreds and hundreds of projects.

Become an Angular Architect!

Get access to my codebase


Get access to my codebase where I have integrated everything for you. You can start from my application and build really fast!

Start building your app today!

Course: Advanced Template-driven Forms in Angular

This course teaches you how to create complex Angular forms without writing any boilerplate. We struggled with being productive until we created this solution!

Stop wasting time on forms

Course: Ace Frontend Tech Interviews

Layoffs are becoming increasingly common, job opportunities become more competitive. Join Tomasz Ducin and Brecht Billiet, seasoned frontend engineers and educators, in an exclusive online training designed to elevate your interview skills and boost your confidence in securing your next role.

Ace any Frontend Interview

Stop losing time over Angular Change Detection

I had to reverse-engineer the Angular code-base to understand how Angular really ticks and wrote a book about it! Let's reverse-engineer the Angular source code together.

Reverse-engineer with me

Angular training

Learn by expert Brecht Billiet who has been in more than 150 Angular projects in the last 7 year. He has traveled the world helping an coaching companies and professionals.

Get awesome at Angular

Angular coaching and consultancy

I can help you with remote and on-site coaching sessions, code-reviews, technical interviews, consultancy, troubleshooting,...

Get expert support now
Manfred Steyer

Manfred Steyer - Google Developer Expert

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Simplified Courses is the first address in Europe for reactive programming with Angular.

Reto Ryter

Reto Ryter - Senior Angular Professional

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The coaching sessions with Brecht Billiet are structured in four-hour blocks. During these sessions, Brecht covers a broad spectrum of topics including RxJS, Signals, and Angular Forms, tailored to the specific needs of the individual being coached. His expertise is extensive, as evidenced by his ability to delve into the intricacies of each topic. These sessions have honed my skills and expanded my understanding of the Angular Ecosystem. Brecht’s mentorship is top-notch, and I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking substantial growth in these domains..

Jurgen Van de Moere

Jurgen Van de Moere - Google Developer Expert

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Brecht is a well-respected trainer in the Angular community. By combining strong theoretical knowledge with advanced practical experience, Brecht has managed to receive very positive feedback from NG-BE Workshop attendees so far.

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