Do you know Angular Change Detection? I thought I did...

Learn how Angular ticks and reverse-engineer the Angular source code together with me.

This Angular Change Detection Simplified book is the last resource you will ever need to fully grasp Angular Change Detection.

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Gregor Woidwode

Google Developer Expert, CTO at

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To be honest, I had never read a book that explained such a complex subject as Angular Change Detection with such ease as Brecht Billiet 's. 🙏 Strange fixes like setTimeout() or superfluous .detectChanges() calls will be a thing of the past.

Tomas Trajan

Google Developer Expert for Angular, consultant & teacher at

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I've been working with Angular since the early Angular.js days, and had a pretty good intuitive understanding of the change detection behavior. But this book managed to improve my mental model dramatically by putting all the pieces together in a clear and structured way, especially the in depth content about OnPush and its interactions. Highly recommended!

Duncan Faulkner


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This book is an amazing insight into the change detection process in Angular. I had never really thought about how change detection works, it's just there in the background doing its thing. It's not until you see it explained in such detail, with an example showing what's being affected that it really makes you think about how change detection can affect the performance of your applications. This is a must-read for all Angular developers. Thank you Brecht for such a great book.

I put my heart into this...

I wrote a book about Angular Change Detection that contains everything you won't find in the official docs. I reverse-engineered the Angular source-code for months, and in this book I will take you through the process and make you understand how Angular ticks.

This book is filled with references to the actual Angular GitHub repo and you and I will traverse the code together.

All the principles are backed up with Stackblitz examples you can play with that are up to date with Angular V15.

This book will teach you how Angular works and it will help you with:

  • Squashing bugs
  • Reasoning about performance
  • Understand the inner workings of Angular
  • Create your own Change Detection Strategies
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What you will learn

  • Explanations how Angular ticks
  • Inner workings of Change Detection (we will reverse-engineer Angular together)
  • Change Detection Best Practices
  • References to the Angular code-base with explanations
  • Custom Change Detection strategies
  • ExpresssionChangedAfterIthasBeenCheckedError error
  • Stackblitz examples
  • Change Detection Cheat Sheet
  • A Quiz to test your knowledge
Yes, I want the book

Stop struggling with

  • Squashing bugs
  • Reasoning about performance
  • Understand the inner workings of Angular
  • Create your own Change Detection Strategies