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Become extremely productive with Angular forms! 🚀

Seriously! No more boilerplate!


Stop writing boilerplate code in Angular forms!

Do your forms tend to get complex, unmaintainable or even start chain reactions? It's probably because you have complex reactive forms with imperative code. This course teaches you how to create and maintain declarative template-driven forms in Angular:

  • Basic Template-driven forms
  • Unidirectional forms with signals
  • Declarative form logic
  • Effects and other reactivity
  • Form lists logic
  • Handling form state
  • Validations
  • Connecting Vest.js with Angular
  • Improving DX with shapes
  • Handling async data and loading data

This course gets shipped with real-life examples and code that will melt all the boilerplate code away!

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I open-sourced the solution behind these productivity hacks and I you can play with them on StackBlitz🚀

Play with it on StackBlitz

Let me show you what you will learn!🚀

In this video I will live-code a unidirectional form with conditional validations in a few minutes. Lay back, and enjoy the ride!

Atreyu Haesevoets

Frontend Engineer

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

We've been having problems with implementing (reactive) forms for ages. Having a lot of boilerplate code which is hard to maintain and grows exponentially with complexity.

Brecht's template driven approach has taken away most of these pains by providing a streamlined and opinionated implementation that leverages the power of Angular to do most of the heavy lifting.

Defining a form using the template, and managing it's state as part of the component is as straight forward as it gets.

Being able to separate all aspects of the form prevents different parts from intertwining with each other and keeps the code base clean and easy to understand, even in complex cases.

This approach takes away most of the headaches we've all been experiencing for a long time.


Become extremely productive for

129 €

+ applicable VAT

  • A complete Template-driven forms solution that can be plugged into your project!
  • 41 video lessons
  • 20 markdown tutorials
  • 12 modules
  • Let Angular work for you
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Stop struggling with

  • Manual subscriptions of valueChanges every where
  • Validations without decent messages
  • Reuse of validations
  • Thinking where to put your validations
  • Forms composition and child form groups
  • Type-safety issues in template-driven forms
  • Boilerplate