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Ace Frontend Tech Interviews with Industry Experts 🚀

Unlock your potential!

Layoffs are becoming increasingly common, job opportunities become more competitive. Join Tomasz Ducin and Brecht Billiet, seasoned frontend engineers and educators, in an exclusive online training designed to elevate your interview skills and boost your confidence in securing your next role.

Tomasz Ducin

Tomasz Ducin

Frontend Expert - Mentor

Tomasz is a JavaScript expert and formidable programmer, he has been a part of the tech industry since 2007. Serving as a leading instructor at Bottega IT Minds, he has delivered more than 100 professional training sessions. As a Software Architect, he offers audits and advisory services, specializing in tackling complex, challenging, and sometimes seemingly insurmountable projects. Additionally, he is a recognized speaker at conferences across Poland and Europe..

Brecht Billiet

Brecht Billiet

Frontend Expert - Mentor

Brecht has been involved in dozens of angular.js projects and has been involved in over 150 Angular(+2) projects. He has helped dozens and dozens of companies and has more than 10 years of experience as a mentor, trainer, software architect and author. Additionally, Brecht is a conference speaker and content-creator. His day-to-day business contains high-level consultancy, trainings and helping companies with technical interviews.

Why choose our training?

Everyone knows that mere technical knowledge isn't enough to succeed. Yet, too many times we've seen remarkable individuals who stumble when it comes to effectively communicating their strengths and qualities. We want you to learn the art of outlining your most compelling qualities!

🚀 We have worked on hundreds of projects.

🤓 We have been at both sides of the table countless times.

☘️ We have experience with different tech stacks.

Tailored content

Tailored Content for Frontend Developers

Our course is specifically designed for Angular, React, and other frontend framework developers, addressing the unique challenges and opportunities within the frontend engineering domain.

✔ How to deal with JavaScript fatigue

✔ Important Frontend questions you should know how to answer

✔ Focus on soft skills

✔ Dealing with unanswered questions


Real-World Insights from Both Sides of the Table

With extensive experience as both interviewees and interviewers, we bring a well-rounded perspective to the interview process. We understand what companies are looking for and how you can showcase your skills effectively.

✔ Look through the eyes of the interviewer

✔ Do's and don'ts

✔ How to convince your interviewer

✔ Salary negotiations


Dynamic Learning Experience

Move beyond passive learning with our interactive format that includes mock interviews and real-time feedback. Witness firsthand the do's and don'ts of tech interviews, as we switch roles between interviewer and interviewee, providing insights into what makes a successful interview.

✔ Mock interviews

✔ Switch roles between interviewer and interviewee

✔ Assessments

✔ Interactive material


From Basics to Advanced Questions

Whether you're new to tech interviews or looking to sharpen your skills, our training covers it all. Learn how to articulate your thoughts, tackle tricky technical questions, and radiate the right attitude, motivation, and enthusiasm that employers are searching for.

✔ No need to be a technical rockstar

✔ We will teach the right attitude

✔ We will teach which research to do


Actionable Tips and Strategies

Benefit from our wealth of knowledge and experience. We share actionable tips and strategies that have helped us and countless others succeed in tech interviews. From crafting your narrative to technical preparation and beyond, we've got you covered.

✔ Pointers based on years and years of experience

✔ Concrete action taking

✔ Building confidence

✔ Tailoring resumes


Your Path to Success Starts Here

Don't let the competitive job market hold you back. With our training, you'll not only improve your technical interview skills but also gain the confidence to present yourself as the ideal candidate. Whether you're looking to secure your first frontend role or aiming to advance your career, our course is the stepping stone you need. The training is not quite ready yet, but we will love to notify you when it is done 🚀

Stay awesome 💪


Tomasz and Brecht

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