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Huge Angular codebases shouldn't be complex!

This course teaches you how to create huge Angular codebases and still make them maintainable, even if it contains hundreds and hundreds of projects.

This course is the last resource you will ever need to become an Angular architect that knows exactly where to put what and keep a maintainable codebase.

This architecture is battle-tested for hundreds of huge clients on huge projects.

Yes, I want to get better

Jurgen Van de Moere

Google Developer Expert

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Brecht is a well-respected trainer in the Angular community. By combining strong theoretical knowledge with advanced practical experience, Brecht has managed to receive very positive feedback from NG-BE Workshop attendees so far.


Can't get your Angular codebase to scale?

Did you ever had the feeling, that you were in a project that started out all nice and clean... but after the project organically grew. It turned out into this unmaintainable codebase where no one really knew how to update something without breaking the whole thing? You will learn:

  • How to create/maintain huge codebases
  • How to deal with duplicate code
  • How to abstract things from the presentation layer
  • Where you have to put which piece of code, it will all make sense!
I want to become a huge codebase farmer

What you will learn

  • How we tackle huge projects for huge clients
  • Maintaining huge NX workspaces
  • Enforce encapsulation through module boundaries
  • Where code really belongs
  • Best Practices
  • How to set up a design system for success
  • Component design
  • How to deal with state
  • Specific recipes
Yes, I want to be awesome in huge Angular architectures!

Stop struggling with

  • Not knowing how to structure code
  • Flexibility vs Reusability
  • Dependency hell
  • Bad automated imports
  • Circular dependencies
  • Maintaining different npm packages

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