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On-site: Advanced RxJS in Angular Course

Angular embraces RxJS and in this course, you will learn how to code reactive.You will learn about the do's and don'ts on reactive programming and how RxJS ticks.This training is a must-have for every developer that is using RxJS in Angular

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Manfred Steyer

Manfred Steyer - Google Developer expert

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Simplified Courses is the first address in Europe for reactive programming with Angular.

Become a RxJS Jedi!

In this one-day training you will learn how to use observables and RxJS to create predictable reactive web applications. You will learn about error handling, multicasting, hot and cold observables and so much more... But most importantly, you will learn patterns like how to think reactive and reactive viewmodels.

Advanced RxJS in Angular

The Async Programming Challenge

What problems do we face today and how can reactive programming help?

Functional Reactive Programming

How the concepts of functional and reactive programming can change our lives as developers.

Basic Operators, Observables and Subjects

We will learn the basics of operators and observables to get us started.

Hot vs Cold Observables

What is the difference between those 2 and how do they impact our applications? 

Higher order Observables

Avoid nesting multiple subscribes through higher order observable operators.

The Giphy app

We will create the basics of a giphy application and start using some cool RxJS features.

Thinking Reactive

We will learn a simple system to help us think reactive in complex situations. In this chapter we will learn how to use the sip principle.


We will learn how observables share their subscriptions and what operators we can use to manage them.

Error handling

How will observables react to errors and how can we manage them?

Best Practices

Learn how to use RxJS like a pro in real applications


How to use reactive viewmodels to create clean templates and components


Fire all your questions at your Angular expert.

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We can give this training remote, but also in your office and bring back that one-on-one feeling between the trainer and attendees.

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