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On-site Angular training by expert Brecht Billiet

Do you want to get trained by an expert?

Do you want to host an on-site training in your office? We gladly come to you to teach your team how to use Angular based on Best Practices.

Angular Best Practices Training

We can give a training in your office!

Jurgen Van de Moere

Jurgen Van de Moere - Google Developer Expert

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Brecht is a well-respected trainer in the Angular community. By combining strong theoretical knowledge with advanced practical experience, Brecht has managed to receive very positive feedback from NG-BE Workshop attendees so far.

Angular Proven Enterprise Solutions

We don't teach you things that you can find in the Angular documentation. We teach you how we tackle things. We are working on huge real projects on a day-to-day basis and transfer all that knowledge into simplified courses. We have been giving training even before Angular was released and have worked on +-100 projects internationally for a lot of customers.

Angular Proven Enterprise Solutions (Best Practices) Course
Angular Best Practices
Advanced RxJS in Angular

Advanced RxJS in Angular

  • Async programming challenge
  • Functional reactive programming
  • Basic Operators, Observables and Subjects
  • Hot vs Cold Observables
  • Higher Order Observables
  • Combination operators
  • Learning how to think reactive
  • Multicasting
  • Error handling
  • Best Practices
Advanced RxJS in Angular Course