Course: Angular Change Detection Simplified

Become a Change Detection Expert

Learn about the secrets of Angular Change Detection and optimise your applications for performance and predictability. We will simplify the Angular source code and you will learn how Angular ticks! Mastering Change Detection in Angular will help you with your daily development an bugfixing.

Angular Change Detection Course
Angular Change Detection Quiz

There is a free Quiz!

We have created an Angular Change Detection Quiz for you! The average score on this free Angular Change Detection Quiz is below 50%. This means the average Angular developer doesn't grasp the Change detection concept completely.

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Free Angular Change Detection Cheat Sheet!

We have created a free Angular Change Detection Cheat Sheet just for you. Something that you can use on a daily basis when you are trying to reason along with the framework

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Angular Change Detection Cheat Sheet

We reverse engineered the Angular source code for you!

This ebook will learn you how Angular ticks, and contains a bunch of things that can't be found on the web. We had to reverse engineer the Angular code-base to understand how Angular really works and wrote a neat book just for you!

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